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Economist, historian, political commentator and social critic Dr. Thomas Sowell is one of the most important American thinkers of the 20th and 21st centuries. The website exists to celebrate and promote his work.

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The Challenge

Thomas Sowell is one of the most important and accomplished American thinkers easily since the turn of the 20th century. An economist, historian, political commentator, social critic, and educator, Dr. Sowell has produced first-class works on topics ranging everywhere from economics, to slavery, to cultural analysis, to childhood development, and much more.

The challenge for the website was to produce a platform that truly champions not only the thought of Dr. Sowell (there are, for example, many social media accounts that do just that by posting his sharpest and most well-known quotes, of which there are many), but his work as well. As salient and penetrating as Dr. Sowell’s excerpts are, his real contribution is the data-driven, research-heavy, thought-provoking body of scholarship he’s produced over the course of his nearly 60-year career. No matter how many ‘Thomas Sowell quotes’ social accounts a person follows, apart from the context of his written work, his arguments and contributions simply cannot be properly let alone fully understood.

Another second objective for the site was to couch it in a brand identity that is winsome and attractive yet dignified and worthy of its subject. Dr. Sowell is an extremely private and unpretentious person who has never been interested in the limelight; indeed, many have described him as reclusive. The fact that there are only one or two modern, well-designed sites that promote his work—and that his book cover designs are simple, basic, and straightforward to put it lightly—suggests just how disinterested Dr. Sowell is in self-promotion.

The Solution

The Thomas Sowell Books brand aesthetic features heavily quotes by Dr. Sowell—and not just his famous quotes, but those that are central to the arguments he is making in his books. In this way, all the brand’s communication touch points seriously attempt to commend the substance of his work and thought to the user. Another aspect of this is the primary objective of encouraging users to read Dr. Sowell’s books. The site is, after all, primarily an online bookstore. The brand has an educational element and an aesthetic that is modern and clean, yet it incorporates a vintage aspect that is intended as a nod to Dr. Sowell’s legacy.

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