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Pleasant Valley Bible Church in Camarillo, CA exists to exalt, equip, and edify God's people through the faithful preaching of God's Word so that they can have a more faithful presence in their community.

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The Challenge

For roughly a decade, Pleasant Valley Bible Church struggled to find a website solution that was actually a solution. For years, their various attempts to work with different developers and volunteers fell short. No clear presentation of their ministries and values; no effective sermon library; and no way to crawl out of the SEO cellar.

For all intents and purposes—unless you happened to drive by their facilities or hear about them via word of mouth—PVBC was invisible in their Ventura County community.

The Solution

Churches like PVBC have a high view of Scripture, a love for the community of believers, and a deep commitment to verse-by-verse, expository preaching. Fortunately, the principles of branding + communication don’t change depending on the kind of organization you have, so the number-one priority for the new PVBC website was simply to champion their values.

Combine that with a strategic design that intentionally seeks both to serve Pleasant Valley’s organizational needs and engage website users, and the results are what you might expect: First, their website is now highly visible online, having more than 10x the online traffic PVBC had prior. Second, and most importantly, their website is connecting with the kinds of people they want to reach—namely, those who are looking for substance and spiritual growth.

A church like Pleasant Valley doesn’t believe in “marketing the church,” and neither do we. We simply believe in two irrefutable realities: 1) if they don’t know you exist, they’re not going to visit; and 2) in a day of fluff and clamor after popularity, there’s still a market for truth, and substance is always relevant.

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