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Berean Bible Church in Arroyo Grande, CA is committed to the glory of God in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus, and to building His church through the expository, verse-by-verse preaching of God's Word.

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The Challenge

Berean Bible Church is a protestant, evangelical, non-denominational local church in Arroyo Grande, CA. Berean’s young pastor, Erik Swanson, is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary in Southern California, an institution with a long, rich legacy of faithfulness to the Bible as God’s authoritative Word, and to expositional, verse-by-verse preaching. As might be expected, those are commitments that Berean shares. However, after several years under Pastor Swanson, Berean continued to struggle to attract new visitors and grow their numbers.

What became apparent to us was that, for all intents and purposes, Berean Bible Church was non-existent online. Their website was severely-outdated, besides being poorly-designed and not properly utilized to begin with. No matter how much a church like Berean has to offer, the reality was that since people did not know it existed, they simply were not going to have visitors in any meaningful sense.

The Solution

The primary objective for the Berean brand was simply to craft an attractive, coherent visual system that reflects their commitments to sound doctrine, the authority of God in the Scriptures, and verse-by-verse preaching. We were able to accomplish that with a modern aesthetic that clearly pays homage to a proud theological heritage, and a visual and verbal message that explicitly and unapologetically affirms what Berean is all about.

With message that attracts truth-seekers and a website that was now visible online and used the right way, the results were striking and nearly immediate. Within months of the website launch, Berean began to attract new visitors from all over the Central Coast, from as far south as Santa Maria and as far north as Paso Robles. After two years, Berean had more than doubled in size. When we asked Pastor Swanson what he attributed the numerical growth to (the sovereign work of God notwithstanding), he simply answered, “The website invariably comes up.”

When a church like Berean invests in visibility—and rightly so, since they have the very thing the world needs—what they find is that, even though our society grows increasingly darker, there is still an ample market for truth.

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