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Just like El Camino Real which runs right through the heart of town, the Atascadero Chamber exists to grow businesses, build relationships, and strengthen the community.

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The Challenge

Like many chambers, the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce has been vitally important to Atascadero’s business community—and by necessary extension, the community on the whole—for many, many years. Prior to our rebrand, however, their communications were not only inconsistent, but without any definite direction. As such, their brand and messaging were virtually non-existent. And like the websites of many mature organizations, theirs had become cluttered after years of inconsistent, indiscriminately-added content. More importantly, the site—like their brand—served neither the Chamber nor their members in any definitive way.

Furthermore, research revealed a perception among members that the Atascadero Chamber had gotten away from its mission and was no longer relevant to the growth and success of their businesses. Simultaneously, the new Chamber director at the time, Derek Kirk, came in with the conviction that serving existing members (as opposed to gaining new ones) was the Chamber’s primary responsibility, something that was completely absent in all their communications.

The Solution

The goal of the rebrand was two-fold. First, as is appropriate for a small, tight-knit, forward-looking community like Atascadero, it was essential that the new Chamber brand honor the past, celebrate the community, and look toward the future. Second, the new brand needed to reflect the Chamber’s mission, which is to be the catalyst for business growth, the convener for leaders and influencers, and the champion for a stronger community in Atascadero.

The new brand accomplished that through visual and verbal messaging that—quite literally—reflects the city of Atascadero. Particularly with respect to the identity, the new Chamber logo features a stylized map of Atascadero with El Camino Real central, unbroken, and running across the heart of town. El Camino Real is, of course, not only Atascadero’s main street, but it runs right through the heart of the business district, and is itself a catalyst, convener, and champion in the community.

Lastly, the new website was originally designed to serve and promote members first and foremost. It did this through highlighting members, prominently featuring networking and promotional events, and making all kinds of great business and networking resources front and center for members to take advantage of.

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