The Parable of the Two Brands

Jul 15, 2022

Conversion Hill illustration cover img for post about brand relevance

Two brands go out for their usual morning walk together, but as they approach Consumer Engagement Hill, one is brought face-to-face with a stark, sad reality.

Two brands went out for their usual morning promotional walk. Eventually, per their normal custom, they came to Consumer Engagement Hill and began to make their way up.

The first brand easily ascended the hill, and moved right along to Conversion Avenue. He was, after all, in the best brand shape of his life. His logo mark was fresh, flexible, attractive, and above all, accurate. All his print collateral was clean, up-to-date, and professional. His website was modern, beautiful, and designed to engage and convert users on any device (the point of conversion being determined by how his website served the purposes of his business and organizational goals, of course).

In short time, the first brand easily reached the top of Consumer Engagement Hill and started down Conversion Avenue, but he suddenly realized that he was alone. As he looked over his shoulder, he saw the other brand a considerable distance behind him not yet half-way up the hill, and noticed that he was…struggling.

He was having quite a time on the hill, and for a moment had even stumbled a little as he passed Bad Lead Row. ‘Well,’ thought first brand to himself, shaking his head, ‘he is older, and he really has let himself go over the years.’

And how true it was. These days, it wasn’t uncommon to find the second brand tippling it up with the boys at Web Builder Bowling Alley, or answering last-calls at Do-It-Yourself Brochure Lounge over on Microsoft Word Way. And you wouldn’t catch him dead on Mobile Avenue. In fact, he often complained about how he resented all these ‘millennials’ with their newfangled technology.

Not one to leave a compeer behind, the first brand made his way back to his enervated friend, and said, “Wow, you really need a rebrand. Why don’t you go see the brand-fitness gurus at de la Riva Brands? They’ll have you going from bad leads to willing customers in no time flat!”

Moral: The best way to stay fresh is to never go stale.

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